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eApps is a business intelligence software solution available from Sree Infotech. It is set of reporting and analysis applications that deliver accurate, timely, actionable information to your executives, managers, and front-line workers. With a radically simplified architecture and a single data model for a single source of truth, eApps delivers greater business insight to end-users faster and at dramatically lower cost than any other reporting solution in the market. Historically, business managers, compliance professionals and executives relied on an inefficient combination of reports, spreadsheets and homegrown systems to manage their compliance process. By integrating eApps with business applications, companies can focus on identifying potential compliances issues, such as ineffective controls and unmitigated risks, and take immediate corrective measures. eApps for Compliance provides a single architecture for reporting and compliance monitoring transaction applications, while helping to maintain security and auditability. Compliance managers must have access to current status of compliance management projects. eApps for Compliance enables users to track significant account evaluation and process and organization certification progress by showing negative evaluations and certification completion percentages. Moreover, the evaluated and certified results are broken down further for detailed analysis. For example, pie charts offer graphical representations of significant accounts evaluated showing the proportion that have a control weakness.
Designed by: Santhosh Katta. Designed by: Santhosh Katta.