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eAudit is Sree Infotech Answer to the current challenged being faced by the internal audit controllers in every organization. The passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) marks a new era of accountability for corporate officers. As of the end of the fiscal year ending on or after June 15, 2004, the annual reports of firms covered by the act must begin to comply with the financial reporting disclosure requirements of the SOX management report on internal control. Section 404 of SOX, moreover, requires every registered public accounting firm that prepares or issues an audit report on a client's annual financial statements to attest to, and report on, the assessment made by management. "Sustainable financial compliance management requires continuous financial and process information monitoring with access to current status of actions and potential risks," said Bearing Point Compliance Practice Lead, Commercial Services Senior Manager, Anthony G. Tarantino, Ph.D. "With visibility into immediate compliance information, we're able to help our clients make faster decisions to minimize the impact of potential compliance issues and accelerate financial reporting. "Sree Infotech solution eAudit offers a unique 3 step program where in the product Assess and define organization's internal control systems, Design and deploy cost-effective technology solutions - Sree Infotech offers an end-to-end, distinct solution based on COSO Framework to help clients achieve SOX Compliance. It Monitor your controls on an on going basis and updates the management at regular intervals with the deficiencies and potential risks in the software and internal accounting systems. By law, senior executives are required to certify financial statements, and organizations must prove the effectiveness of internal controls every fiscal year. eAudit for Compliance provides aggregated information throughout the entire process in one dashboard. Top executives need to respond quickly to issues of potential risk and process certification eAudit for Compliance provides a view into the negative evaluation and certification results in the KPI region. Executives now have the ability to drill down from risk areas within a graph to view information such as ineffective controls, open findings and past due remedial actions.
Designed by: Santhosh Katta. Designed by: Santhosh Katta.