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eMonitor is Sree Infotech Core offering which provides an end-to-end application performance management and monitor solution. Sree Infotech eMonitor monitors, measures, analyzes, and tunes critical business applications from browser to storage, eliminating blind spots and guiding administrators toward solutions. It provides solutions for automated performance management of key applications including Oracle ERP Applications databases that support applications, Oracle and SQL Server middleware and Web application frameworks such as .NET, J2EE, IIS, Apache, and Tomcat storage solutions for application data from HP, Hitachi, IBM and EMC. eMonitor solution help optimize the performance and availability of enterprise applications. Utilizing multiple technologies, our solutions can help correct performance problems before they affect your business. It improves the end user response time by proactively monitoring, analyzing, and tuning ERP and CRM applications. It manages the health of your enterprise applications and takes a proactive approach to application availability by monitoring critical business transactions and service levels.
Designed by: Santhosh Katta. Designed by: Santhosh Katta.