My Math Guide

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MyMathGuide.Com is an interactive multimedia on-line tutorial for math students.

Our mission is to build and provide the best educational tool to parents, teachers, and students who can benefit from it. The use of visualization makes learning much easier. Our method and materials promote teaching styles and strategies emphasizing active-learning experiences, problem-solving skills, independent investigation, and the use of visual models. It is designed to help parents to better understand mathematical concepts as they work to assist their children in home. It is also designed as a supplementary resource to help students in their mastery of mathematics in the following areas:

1. Speed and accuracy in number calculations.
2. Real world scenarios that involve numbers. This is achieved via word problems.
3. Other grade appropriate concepts covered in public schools in the USA.

MyMathGuide.Com will provide interactive curriculum with printable worksheets for reinforcement. The material is supported by extensive explanation of concepts at the time of their introduction. Examples are provided to help the students understand the concept.

Designed by: Santhosh Katta. Designed by: Santhosh Katta.